MRP goes Baroque 

The MRP joined Eau Claire's CollECtive Choir at the inaugural lighting of "Baroque" in downtown Eau Claire.  Definitely a sweet gig - people could hear us a half mile away along the river!  Baroque was one of the coolest installments at Eaux Claires fest in 2016, and was adopted into the city art scene after a 9 month process.  The unveiling took place on June 15th.  CollECtive choir has been an infectious ensemble in the Downtown arena - "CollECtively singing exuberant praise to Jesus."  They kinda break off the same block as the MRP, with a keen focus on Praising God in public places.  But together we can keep the party going - because they can definitely groove!  Check them out at

"Everything" Radio Interview with Al Ross at WPR 

I had an engaging interview with WPR's Spectrum West Show host, Alan Ross today at the WPR station studio in Eau Claire, regarding the collaborative music video at Beaver Creek Reserve featuring our single, Everything.  You will be able to hear more about how the project was conceived and executed as well as some of the inspiration behind it.  It should air this week or next on Spectrum West.  Listen on air Thursdays from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. on Ideas 88.3 WHWC-FM/Menomonie-Eau Claire and 88.7 WRFW-FM/River Falls, with a repeat broadcast at 7 p.m. Fridays on 89.7 WUEC-FM/ Eau Claire and 90.7 WVSS-FM/ Menomonie. The show can also be heard live online at


Nature's Symphony  

Recorded samples on Tuesday, the 11th, at Beaver Creek reserve, in EC county in Wisconsin Land.  Doing studio work for a music video that we will Shoot Friday!  It should be a blast.  Here is a SOUND CLOUD link to me hitting a bunch of noise makers and making a song out of it!

Potent upcoming event: "Smashing Ideals" (Live show and broadcast!) 

Hey gang, 
Some of you may know about 
Christina's and my passion to share our story and warnings about the rippling effects of pop-culture on our lives regarding sex and marriage, finances, the American "Ideal," and personal image. With the Music of The Michael Rambo Project, we are putting on a live show Sept. 12th with a fantastic video production team headed up by Alex Kolb to help get the message out to people who are desperate to find out that they don't have to live up to the crushing expectations that our culture puts on us, but rather are set free by Jesus Christ. Many people are giving their time and talent to this production to allow costs to be at a minimal. If you want to lend a hand getting this production out, check out the link below.  With your help we can cover the rest of the costs of equipment rental and professional services needed to put out a refreshing message for such a time as this!  And don't forget the show on the 12th!  6:30 doors open, and 7:00 the filming starts.

Release Date for Sue Orfield Show 

Hey everybody-
The Sue Orfield Show is a top-notch local production to feature regional acts in an hour long episode, complete with interview snippets and a recorded concert in front of a live studio audience.  Check out the bands for the first season (Including MRP!) and when they plan to release each segment: HERE

Eau Claire arts ralley funds around a local music Show! 

Hey guys, we 100% support and promote the efforts made by Chippewa Valley Community Television and the Sue Orfield show for promoting the unique and excellent local music artists in the Chippewa Valley (where we are from!).  Please check out the Indie Gogo campaign and consider a donation (2 days left, and tons of perks!)  The MRProject will be featured as a part of Season 1 of the S.O.S., and you can expect to see snippets on Youtube etc.  It was a great night!


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