Technology blurb: the Pigtronix Infinity Looper Pedal 

One of our newest live technologies for the MRProject is the Pigtronix infinity looper pedal.  It has a duel parallel instrument input with multiplying length options on the 2nd loop.  It also has midi sync, zero latency 24 bit/44 kHz HD recording engine and  sequence loop options.  What the heck does all this mean?
I am pretty simple.  I like to play live.  I don't like to press a lot of buttons or scroll through computer stuff.  This pedal allows us to play live loops perfectly in sync with each other at better than cd quality from both our keyboards and guitar.  No backtracks... just raw musicianship.  This gives us the extra punch we need at the top of the hook, because- yes, we sound like more than 4 people:).

The Fabulous Four 

For those of your from Eau Claire- Do you remember our epic release show?  (If you need a reminder, here is a clip).  Well, as it turns out, it isn't as economical to sport 18 musicians every show.  So, for the last 2 months, we have been preparing our fabulous 4.   On drums is Adam Harder-Nussbaum (recently married).  He is fairly new (17months) in Eau Claire, but has already nestled into the scene nicely.  Aside from his musical free-lance work, he is also the part-time pastor at Shalom Mennonite Church on the East Hill.   Replacing me on keys is David Hurd, we studied at Eau Claire together, though I was a few years ahead.  His prowess at classical piano, and his musicianship have made it easy to play sheet music that we transcribed from the recordings.  David also servers as Music Director at the Bridge Church, in Downtown Eau Claire.  Derek Pribnow has really patched into the MRP in multiple ways: Drums, Sound, and his latest installment- Bass.  His knowledge of both sound and the material, and his versatility have made him invaluable.  Derek also works as a Developer and Systems Administrator in Chippewa Falls.  Myself- well I am playing guitar for now.  Don't worry- we will still have vocalists and guests alongside us at performances from time to time.

Vocal Auditions for the MRP! 

Hey everybody!

As we begin to step out with our new album, we are going to be inviting other singers from different cities to help make a huge presense!  Whether we sing in our hometown of Eau Claire, or the Cities, Chicago, or out on tour, our goal is to have singers wherever we go!
So if you are a singer, or know some singers visit our SINGERS page, and spread the word!


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