Short Description
Pop and Soul music with an inspiring and hopeful message.

Medium Description
With pop and soul music that will leave you inspired and hopeful, the MRP packs a wallop of sound, emotion and energy into any arena.  Tuneful passages will tickle your ears, honest strophes will compel your spirit, and the engaging presentation will leave you cheering.

Medium Description 2:
A seasoned and enthusiastic group of musicians, the MRP delivers original pop and soul music that will leave you inspired and hopeful.  Songwriter, Michael Rambo, combines elements of Jazz, Hip-hop, Gospel, Soul, and Pop/Rock to create tuneful passages that will tickle your ears and move your groove thing.  Honest couplets wade through issues of common struggle, and not-so-common hope.  With Michael's keenness and whimsical stage humor alongside their tenacious hooks, the MRP are sure to hold your attention.

Short Bio
Stemming from the college town of Eau Claire WI, the MRP percolated out of Jazz, Gospel, and Pop, and the desire to see our generation restored and reconciled to the Creator God through Jesus the Christ.  The band has been established since 2009 and has rotated many of its members.  The current sound features electronic hooks, Rhythm and Blues, Gospel and Soul style harmonies, piano pop and catchy grooves.  Much of the sound has been honed in bars, clubs, Universities and regionally featured concerts, but with the release of their music the MRP are beginning to branch into special events, conferences, and festivals.  The band released two singles (Everything andTouch) in April of 2012, a five song EP (Things Within) in August of 2012, and a full length LP (What Do You Want?) in August 2013.
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